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Ruffwear- Pacific Loop

For handlers of avalanche rescue dogs, the Pacific Loop is a tool that motivates and rewards canines in training and at work. Two grab handles keep hands clear of eager...


Ruffwear - Pacific Ring

For dogs whose love language is play, the Pacific Ring speaks volumes. Its versatile design engages a range of play styles – especially zealous fetchers and tuggers. Interactive by design, the...


Ruffwear- Flagline Dog Harness

Flagline™ Harness Lightweight, multi-use harness that’s easy to put on. Features a padded handle, supportive chest/belly panel, and three points of leash attachment, including one at the chest. KEY FEATURES: Lightweight, easy...


Ruffwear - Ridgeline Leash

The Ruffwear Ridgeline™ Leash is a lightweight, minimalist option for any adventure. Built with Wavelength™ stretch webbing and our low-profile Crux Clip™, the Ridgeline is strong and secure, with a...


Ruffwear - Climate Changer Jacket

The Climate Changer Jacket is a classic technical fleece that performs as hard as it plays. Recycled polyester fleece with sleeves and a full-length zipper is quick-drying and provides coverage...


Ruffwear - Huck-a-Cone

INTERACTIVE, NATURAL RUBBER TUG AND THROW TOY Tug, throw, fetch, repeat: The Huck-a-Cone is not only fun for Fido - but also for you! It was inspired by rewarding play between...


Ruffwear - Patroller Leash

The Ruffwear Patroller Leash is an adjustable leash that can be worn around the handler’s waist as a belt, allowing dogs and humans to transition smoothly between on-leash and off-leash...


Ruffwear - Clear Lake Blanket

The Ruffwear Clear Lake™ Blanket provides coziness and warmth between adventures. At home, in the car, or at camp, this durable insulated blanket provides comfort for furry friends as they...


Ruffwear - Powder Hound Jacket

The Ruffwear Powder Hound™ is a hybrid jacket that offers the warmth of synthetic insulation with the range of motion of technical stretch fabric. This weather resistant and packable insulated...


Ruffwear - Stumptown

The Ruffwear Stumptown™ is a classic, everyday jacket that blends insulated warmth with durability. With a modern, quilted design, the Stumptown Jacket is at home in urban environments, yet its...


Ruffwear - Sun Shower Rain Jacket

The Ruffwear Sun Shower™ is a lightweight waterproof rain jacket that keeps dogs comfortable and dry during wet weather adventures. The fold-up storm collar provides added coverage, and a non-insulated...

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